RES 351 Week 3 Research Promotes Change


Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that addresses the following questions:

  • What are the key business objectives?
  • What are the questions that must be researched?
  • What are the hypotheses and variables that must be considered?
  • What ethical considerations must you take into account?
  • Define the purpose of the research.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


RES 351 Week 3 Research Promotes Change,

Research Promotes Change

Garmin, who has been known as the leading producer in consumer GPS products, has decided to turn to the world of smartphones.  Initial research into the level of competition introduced by the smartphone provided data needed to swim with the current of the market, rather than against it.  Garmin must find ways to expand on their product lines and stay relevant while evolving to meet new dimensions of customer demand.   Before committing to any particular direction, there must be research into cost of product development and features desired by consumers while collecting consumer data to make these determinations in an ethical manner.  We will explore these objectives in more detail to show how Garmin has used customer generated data to weather the smartphone storm.

An Updated Mission

One strategy Garmin has opted for is to work with the competition rather than against it (Couts, 2012). Many users prefer to have access to navigation and fitness tracking applications on their mobile devices,or use them in conjunction with Garmin products through advanced features like Bluetooth. The obvious course of action was to find a way to link smartphone capability with Garmin’s already strong product lines. People already have smartphones and data plans and Garmin already uses Bluetooth, so what do they stand to gain from each other? Applications can be written for the various stores, like Android or Apple,which can provide a host of new functionalities when smartphone and GPS are paired together. The rise of social media in our daily lives creates even more potential uses for this new idea. Garmin’s mission now evolves from creating not only cutting edge devices but new and exciting software to go with them.


Questions and Variables

With clear objectives defined, questions begin to take shape that will drive the development of new products.Asking what customers want and what they already use was one way to gather insights, but what Garmin products and smartphones both have in common is also key. Current owners of automotive personal navigation devices (PNDs) expressed a desire for better and more detailed traffic information, weather, and enhanced location searches (Couts, 2012). Fitness product users value in depth reports of their data and the ability to store it for later review and instant sharing over social media (Garmin Blogs, 2014). Learning


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