RES 351 Week 1


Find an article in the University Library that contains a research study in the functional area of your own job or a functional area you desire to be a part of someday.


Write a 700- to 1,050-word summary:
Describe the business research process followed in the study in the article.

  • Identify the research problem and the research method used.
  • Discuss how the research is solving the problem within the chosen functional area.
  • Identify other potential applications using business research within this functional area or related areas.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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RES 351 Week 1,

Business research process involves the study of all aspects of the company and then that information will be used to make business decisions. This requires several steps to help the company achieve its goals, and evaluating its strengths and weaknesses to solve or to avoid problems. The research process also helps to have a clearer and updated idea of their industry (Suttle, 2014).

After worked for more than seven years in the airlines industry, I decided to review an article titled “Customer Satisfaction in Airline Industry.” During my years of experience, I saw how many of the passengers left the airport frustrated with the services offered. I think this is a good topic for me to evaluate, because it help me to understand situations that are important within the airline industry.

Current Event in Business Research

In the summary of the article “Customer Satisfaction in Airline Industry” explain how the research followed on how the five dimensions of customer satisfaction was applied in the airline industry. Such articles can be used to design strategies specifically aimed to increase the level of customer satisfaction in the airline industry.

At first I was a little confused about the method used in this article, but I have come to the conclusion that the method used in this article is applied research using an explanatory study. “The problem-solving nature of applied research means it is conducted to reveal answers to specific questions related to action, performance, or policy needs. For our purposes, an explanatory study goes beyond description and attempts to explain the reasons for the phenomenon” (Cooper & Schindler, 2012).


Research Problem

This research shows a general problem in the airline industry, which managers have to start evaluating to find solutions and improve outcomes in customer satisfaction. This study seeks to explain the reasons and causes of customer dissatisfaction.

For business success, customer satisfaction is the main key, one of the most important results of the organizations would be to offer quality services to customers, and make sure they are satisfied by the service they are paying.

Among the problems found in this article we can point out the airlines managers as part of the problem and their unwillingness. People travel abroad frequently such as students, professionals and housewives, etc. and their answers about the airlines services. When a customer pays for a service it usually has expectations, and it is a company responsibility to meet those expectations.

Research Solving Problem

As Khan & Khan (2014) explain, the customer satisfaction can differ from person to person and product-to-product, is a dynamic process. Using explanatory study helped in the evaluation of a hypothesis and concludes that Airlines with higher customer satisfaction are getting more passengers. Managers need to be involved in the business research process of the company, so that the airlines can be successful with their services.


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