QNT 561 Week 6 Research Report and Presentation


Completethe cumulative Business Research Report in no more than 1,400 words by collaborating with your team to include the following:

  • Revised tables or figures based on prior instructor feedback
  • The description or interpretation for the tables or figures
  • Summary of Learning Team results
  • Answers to the research questions
  • Research challenges
  • Steps to minimize challenges in future research
  • Rationale for the survey items

Analyzethe implications of the team’s results in relation to the business.

Recommendavenues for future research based on your research results, challenges, and implications.

Formatyour Business Research Report consistent with APA guidelines.

Developa Microsoft®PowerPoint®presentation of no more than 15 slides that includes the following elements:

  • Overall picture of the research process
  • Summary of the research results including specific answers to the research questions
  • Summary of the challenges, implications, and recommendations

Submitthe cumulative Business Research Report and Microsoft®PowerPoint®presentation to your instructor.

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QNT 561 Week 6 Research Report and Presentation,

Business Research Project Part 5:

“The research report contains findings, analyses of findings, interpretations, conclusions, and sometimes recommendations. The researcher is the expert on the topic and knows the specifics in a way no one else can”, (Cooper & Schindler, 2011, p. 562). A customer satisfaction survey was developed and administered to a population of 200 restaurant patron. Questions were offered on a numerical scale; corresponding with quality and server satisfaction.  Research analysis of the survey answers will allow Harmony Grill restaurant to make a decision around staff training. The result of the research using the survey data is now part of this managerial report.

Interpretation for the Tables and Figures

To answer the research question, “When restaurant staff members are not properly trained in customer service can this maximize customer dissatisfaction?” The research data used the questions specific to the server and to the quality of service. The research is seeking both correlation and causation. The figures below show that while satisfaction is mid-range there is room for improvement that additional training may provide. Specifically friendliness and quality of service are areas that would enhance the customer experience. With additional training the research team believes that on the 1-5 scale server scores could improve .5 to 1 percent overall.

The second research question is, “Is there a need for improved or increased focus on customer satisfaction?” While there is always room for improvement, the research team believes that there is already sufficient focus on customer satisfaction. The charts below show the overall satisfaction rate and the areas of highest satisfaction.





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