QNT 561 Week 4


QNT 561 Week 4

Createa draft of the survey.

Identifywhich survey questions are aligned to which research questions.

Conducta pilot pretest having another Learning Team in the class to provide feedback for your team.

Revisethe survey based on the feedback provided by your classmates.

Clickthe Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


Each team will receive a different team’s draft survey.


Take the survey individually.


Collaborate within your team to provide feedback on the survey.


Provide positive and negative feedback to the other Learning Team. Note. Another Learning Team will provide your team positive and negative feedback to improve your Learning Team’s survey before execution.


Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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QNT 561 Week 4,


Harmony Grill requests your help.

Please complete the following Customer Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for your time.


 What age group are you

o Under 18 o 18-35 o 36-55 o 56 or older
Dining Party Makeup
o 1 Person o 2 People o 3 People o 4 or more



How did you hear about us


o Friend/family o Previous Visitor o Advertisement o Walk In


After reviewing Team C’s survey for the chosen organization Amazon one understood the objective behind the survey, which was identifying customer satisfaction with the company and also a customer’s loyalty in continuing to make purchases using the company. One question was asked twice in the survey (#9) one is sure that it was just an oversight though.  As an avid amazon.com user one purchases a lot of books for the kindle fire and would have liked to see a question in relation to that. Moreover a lot of items from amazon are provided through third parties and there could have been a customer satisfaction question in relation to that. Overall, one thought that this was a well-worded survey. Furthermore the survey was very presentable and the ability for one to make personal comments or testimonials at the end is beneficial. The comments and testimonials are important because a customer is able to elaborate on any answers made and comment on any other things he/she feels is important for Amazon to know when trying to better customer satisfaction


Team C presents a survey that is appealing in layout and design. The area I feel is lacking is demographics. I feel that questions that determine a population’s age, income, ethnic background, etc., further the researcher’s ability to classify the results in a meaningful way. Using a 4 point Likert scale throughout the survey was a wise choice as the


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