PSY 302 WEEK 4


PSY 302 WEEK 4,Performance Appraisals and Positive Psychology, A++ graded With description

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PSY 302 WEEK 4,

Over the years many people are debating the significance of employee evaluations appraisals. One, there are ratings that many consider are personnel management tools, like managers academic scholars. Many of them say that the evaluations are used in recruiting, hiring, in compensations administration, as motivational tools, and in training and development. After being a part of a company for over five years, I realized that these appraisal used at my former place of employment were worthless and used to humiliate and demean those who didn’t score well.
Vista pacific Center is a physic facility in Riverside California where I worked as a mental health counselor for over five years. At this facility we took a number of Appraisals. For one thing, the creations of these appraisals are usually flawed. “A recent survey of Fortune 100 companies shows that practicing managers and performance appraisal researchers have very different concerns. For instance, the former tend to place more importance on the appraisals’ processes and behaviors, while the latter attaches more value on its cognitive aspects”(Kothari, 2008). In performance of these appraisals of the organization purpose is to figure out the performance of its employees. Therefore the achievement of the organization will rest on ability to measure accurately the skills of each employee and to use it objectively to optimize the employees as valuable recourses. The very opposite of what was happening at my former place of employment. Therefore the turnover rate became very high and people who wanted a real career either did two things there, used the job as income till a better job came along, or never apply at all.


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