PA 301 Written Assignment 1-3



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PA 301 Written Assignment 1-3,
According to James H. Svara: “The politics-administration dichotomy model is used for marking off boundaries of public administration. It is used to assert the normative relationship between elected officials and administrators in this democratic society. Public administrators do not make the law, but they implement laws that are made. Let me be clear about the definition of the concept.
A city council does not get involved in administration
A city manager has no involvement in shaping policies
The manager occupies the role of a neutral expert who efficiently and effectively carries out the policies of the council. (Presumably, administrators do not exercise discretion, for to do so open the door to interpreting policy and choosing how and to what it will be applied.)”
Wilson’s essay vacillates between the two poles of thought regarding the separability of administration from politics, thereby providing generations of later scholars with ample foot-note ammunition for both sides of the argument. Wilson appeared confused on the matter although the civil service reformers did not. They wished partisan politics out of certain aspects of the public personnel system.
The disadvantage to this is government can implement laws without votes. An example, the government bailing out big businesses when they dwindle their funds and are going bankrupt. It is US policy to bailout the biggest American companies responsible for transportation-airliners, petrol companies, etc-from failure through subsidies and low-interest loans. But some emergency type bailouts are controversial. I see it as away to pass the buck sort of speak to the taxpayers. The law that gets passed as to how they get bailed out does not come from the people. It promotes centralized bureaucracy because it allows the government powers to choose the terms of the bailout. Mismanagement caused by the companies should not be a reason for a bailout. The Chrysler Corporation has been bailed out by the government twice. Certain ailments should be put in place to


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