OPS 571 Week 6 Riordan Manufacturing


OPS 571 Week 6 Riordan Manufacturing,OPS 571 Week 6 Final Individual Assignment Process Design at Riordan Manufacturing OPS 571 Week 6 Final Individual Assignment Process Design at Riordan Manufacturing



OPS 571 Week 6 Riordan Manufacturing,

  • 1991: Founding of Riordan Plastics
  • 1992: Dr. Riordan purchased a fan manufacturing plant in Pontiac, MI and the company became Riordan Manufacturing, Inc.
  • 1993: Acquired plant in Albany, GA and began to produce plastic beverage bottles
  • 2000: Riordan opened a plant in Hangzhou, China and moved all fan manufacturing here.
    • – Using quality control measures to constantly track progress and monitor the qualities will maintain high standards and reach the goal of zero defects.
    • Riordan’s post project review process the eight quality management principles.

    1)Customer Focus


    3)Involvement of people

    4)Process approach

    5)System approach to management

    6)Continual improvement

    7)Factual approach

    8)Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

    • Following the environmental standards help control the environmental impact on the communities surrounding the manufacturing plants
    • Securing raw materials locally helps
    • Energy efficient facilities
    • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replenish, Restore are the guiding principles to living up to the ISO 1400 standards
      • D= Production moves material to manufacture and on to assembly and out to distribution material stockpiling and delivery are put off at the point of manufacture, not all parts are available for assembly at the same time as manufacture of raw material.  Distribution has multiple steps of loading, trucking, unloading, and repacking for sea travel.
      • M= Time from arrival of an order to time of delivery is lengthy due to assembly and distribution issues.  Time at each point in the system is hindered by bottlenecks in supply of raw material, availability delivered and assembled motors for fan assembly, and huge logistics in distribution to point of sale.
      • A= Review of contracts with raw material suppliers, motor manufacturers and distribution chain analysis is necessary.  Review of labor needed for inventory control and company owned trucking or shipping options.  Bottlenecks are at point of manufacture and assembly of pre made parts as well as all of inventory system management and distribution system.
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