MGT 521 Week 4


You are a team of managers at a company. Upper management is concerned that the structure of the division your team manages is not accomplishing goals as efficiently as it could. As a result, upper management has tasked you to review the current organizational structure for efficiency and recommend needed changes.

Your team notices the organizational chart has not been recently updated. To begin the task, your team must create an up-to-date organizational chart to determine the efficiency of the current structure. Then, you must create a new organizational chart that represents the recommended structural changes. You will then present recommendations and rationale to upper management. Complete the following tasks to prepare for your meeting with upper management.

Select one team member’s company that he or she used to complete the Organizational Planning assignment.

Identify the selected company’s current organizational structure. 

Create anorganizational chart in Microsoft® PowerPoint® for the current structure of the selected company. 

Discuss,with your team, any structural changes or adaptations to the existing structures that you think should be recommended to improve that company’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Decide,as a team, what structural changes or adaptations should be recommended. 

Create an organizational chart in Microsoft® PowerPoint® for the recommended structure of the selected company. 

Justify your team’s recommendations in a paper of no more than 1,050 words. If your team recommends that the company structure remain the same, defend your decision. Based on the team’s decision, your paper must also include the following:

  • Describe the work that must be completed to accomplish the recommended changes or adaptations. If no changes are recommended, explain what work is currently being done and why it is successful.
  • Describe how the work could be done most effectively. Would the work be completed by individuals, teams, or a combination of both? If no changes are recommended, explain how the work is being completed and why the current method is successful.
  • Justify the selection for how the work could be done and describe the approach that should be used.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.



MGT 521 Week 4,

Organizing Work

Brian Hill (2013) states, “businesses require structure to grow and be profitable. Designing an organization structure helps top management identify talent that needs to be added to the company. Planning the structure ensures there are enough human resources within the company to accomplish the goals set forth in the company’s annual plan” (para.1). More importantly, unsuccessful structured organizations will find it difficult to meet critical deadlines because there are not sufficient resources within each department to accomplish each part of a given task, or responsibility of the project was unclear. Moreover, an organizational structure determines corporate communication, executive andmanagerial hierarchy, and creating a plan for effectual growth. In this paper, weare a team of managers with Apple andwill determine if the organizational structure set forth is beneficial for company, also we will recommend any significant changes, which deter employees from accomplishing tasks and objectives.

According to Lashinsky and Burke (2011) “Simplicity is key to Apple’s organizational structure. The org chart is deceptively straightforward, with none of the dotted-line or matrixed responsibilities popular elsewhere in the corporate world. There are no committees at Apple, the concept of general management is frowned on, and only one person, the chief financial officer, has a “P&L,” or responsibility for costs and expenses that lead to profits or losses. It’s a radical example of Apple’s different course” (p. 1) By breaking the existing silos and promoting collaboration Apple has managed to respond to market demands and remain flexible despite its size. Additionally,Lashinsky and Burke (2011) states, “The result is a command-and-control structure where ideas are shared at the top and below. …For example Sony, had too many divisions to create the iPod. Apple instead has functions.” (p. 2) Collaboration among different departments and breaking down of so called silos allows Apple to stay competitive and keep its entrepreneurial spirit. The results are quick response times to demands and opportunities presented in rapid technological market. Our team suggests that organizational structure is suited for the company and should not be drastically altered.

Based on internal computer research and past statistics throughout Apple’s history, therefore it is the consensus of the team managers that the current and existing organizational structure has been successful, thus far. In order for these successes to continue to happen and for the company’s successes to continue, the structure must remain the same.  In this case, we will take on a “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” approach.  Great successes and milestones have been reached using the same structure for years.

As an overview, tasks and duties are divided using work specialization.  Not every person is excellent at every aspect of business that we focus on.  We make an effort to learn our employees and get to know what they work best with and under what circumstances they are the most productive and efficient.  In this way, employees can concentrate in their fields of expertise.  Because we are delegating tasks based on the area and level of expertise of individuals or groups, which work is also being through functional departmentalization.  This way, employees are not only grouped by their levels of expertise, but also working together within that group or team to accomplish one goal or develop one aspect of a new software operating system, for example.  Grouping individuals together, who have one common interest and goal, will boost morale to know that they are being trusted, as a group, to work in a group to get to the next level of development for the company.  Also looking at years past displays that this has been a very successful method.







Which of the following describes the leadership style in which a leader tends to centralize authority, dictate work methods, make unilateral decisions, and limit employee participation?

Cultural style

Autocratic style

Democratic style

Laissez-faire style

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Correct :

An autocratic leader makes decisions on his or her own regarding processes and practices in an organization or team. This type of leader prefers to retain sole authority of the project or situation.

  • University of Iowa Studies

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The ________ style of leadership describes a leader who tends to value employee participation, including in such areas as decision making and deciding on work methods and goals.





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Correct :

Leaders with a democratic style enjoy involving subordinates in important work-related activities, including decision making and deciding on work methods and goals. Democratic leaders also tend to provide feedback to coach employees.


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