LDR 531 Week 3 leadership Role Model


The paper has two parts.

1. Select and describe a leader you admire. Your selected leader may be either a real-life individual or a fictional character from television, the movies, or a book. Using leadership theories, analyze your selected leader to identify characteristics and provide specific examples of leadership qualities you think contributed to that person’s success.

  1. Evaluate your own leadership style and identify your own leadership characteristics in the same way ALONG with a plan to improve upon your leadership – which could include things likeundertaking specific training, joining professional association, seeking out situations at work or as a volunteer to develop your abilities.
  • 1500 words
  • Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines
  • Evaluate your chosen leader and yourself, based on the leadership theories.
  • This is a graduate program paper. Use the texts and course readings to analyze/discuss leadership style and characteristics. The texts have specific theories and models of leadership style. How does the style of your selected leader compare to such models? How do you compare to such models?
  • Use two peer reviewed journal article in your discussion. There is a list of suggest journals in a posting under the Announcement section. Another approach is to look at the journals used as references for the Chapters in your text – then find these journals in the University library (probably under ProQuest or EBSCO) and type in key words to find specific articles dealing with issues like “leadership style”.

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LDR 531 Week 3 leadership role model


A collective insight in the leadership-follower affiliation is of an individual leading other to do something (leader) and the other following (follower) an alleged superior to mediocre roles (Kelley, 2008). This acknowledged characters grew, the fresh story (Behavioral, Contingency, Transactional and Transformational) announced, revealed actions fetching frontrunners and supporters in a mutual connection or someplace in amongst. For the meantime, leadership lessons where engaging each other with modernizes and improvements some individuals were unsuspectingly performing unprompted leadership styles not yet valued by specialists. These unrecognized experts were persuading family members, colleagues and church congregations with a constant behavior pattern that nowadays I can associate with widespread leadership philosophies and study it to define beneath a multidimensional (Bass &Avolio, 1989) view a individual leadership style.

Prevalent leadership theories contain for the persistence of our examination Trait, Behavioral, Theories X and Y, Contingency, Transactional and Transformational approaches. I will copy from above-mentioned tactics, points recognizable in the conduct pattern establish in our chosen subject of leadership to discriminate among leadership theories, to arrive at a leadership style conclusively.

Among the people who were unknowingly practicing varying degrees of leadership styles when exhibiting a consistent behavior pattern in their community of practice, was my uncle George. A man born during the first quarter of the twentieth century right in the middle of the great depression, who learned from childhood the economic commitments of adulthood survival and the values of intangibles such as honor, respect, love for country and family unity. Self-taught and curious advanced the movie of life by taking shortcuts to opportunities immigrating to countries economically strong like the United States. Before being married and his mom death uncle George, the eldest son presumed a leadership situation in his family looking after his sisters and a brother, a financial burden that continued after marriage.


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