LDR 531 Week 2 Assignment professionaldevelopment plan


Assume you are the manager of your learning team and need to develop a plan that will address the characteristics of your group and yourself as the leader. This plan can be used to determine the needs of the learning team and is a tool for members to assess their skills, strengths, areas needing improvement, and the resources needed to help them reach their career goals.

Use each Learning Team member’s DiSC assessment results completed in Week One.

Develop a combined DiSC chart of your Learning Team members for use in developing this paper. Based on the individual assessments, what are the characteristics of your team?

Create a professional development plan to address the characteristics of the Learning Team members both individually and as a group and your ability to lead them:


Required Elements:

  • 1500 words
  • Formatyour paper consistent with APA guidelines
  • Evaluate the individuals, including yourself, and the group based on the DiSC assessment.
  • Use the research in the texts and readings with citations and references to support your approach to employee professional development used in your plan. Don’t just give your unsupported opinion. Use at least two peer reviewed journal articles to support your discussion. There is a list of potential journals in the Course Announcement section. Another approach is to look at the references used by the authors of your textbook and select a couple of those journals. EBSCO and ProQuest in the University Libary will hold many of these management type journals. Go to one of the journals and put in key words matching the assignment like “employee development”, “Disc Assessment” etc.

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LDR 531 Week 2 Assignment professionaldevelopment plan


As we know the trends of human keep on changing in our era which has been followed since ages. We need to keep ourselves trendy with a key essence of our presence of mind to retain our desired path and a great perception. To acquire over our destination we must schedule everything accordingly with a pre-designed plan before its execution. Given below we are going to discuss the plan which in turn will brighten our profession.

Professional Development Plan

The objective of this essay is to develop a plan that will address the characteristics of “Learning Team A” including the team member designated as manager. If the plan is effective it can be used to determine the needs of the learning team. The vital element of this plan is to enable us for the proper pricing strategy which helps us to become a successful person along with retaining our position for a long time. A great analyst requires strong analytical skills along with the ingenuity to implement a logical solution which is auto generated with respect to those nonstandard issues raised by pupils. While retainingwell enhanced communication skills as well as strong mathematical aptitude capabilities,and the basic knowledge of computer (MS word) acts as a vector to drive our path smoothly. Moreover a person who also reflects the values of resources, organizational skills and the great motivational talent to coordinate with the team usually leads in a company symbolizing the world for the brand of the organization. Such peoples are can be represented as a catalyst in a company who are capable enough to increase the overall productivity of the company in terms of the mix (revenue) and also successful enough to acquire their desired goals.

DISC Assessment

During the initial week of organizational leadership all of the members of “Learning Team A” took the DISC Platinum rule; a behavioral style assessment that breaks down the individuals’ predominant behavioral styles; dominance, interactive, steadiness, and cautious. There are sixteen sub-styles that further attempt to explain the results. “Learning Team A” is comprised of a total of five members and none of them have the steadiness style. There out of five have the dominance style. Those with dominance styles are driven self-starters who are most at ease when they are responsible for individuals and circumstances. They strive to undertake numerous things, so they put emphasis on straightforward methodologies to bottom-line outcomes. The Interactive Styles are outgoing, vigorous “party-animals” who like to be anywhere the action is. They flourish on the appreciation, acknowledgment, and praises that arise with being in the limelight. The I Styles only want to have fun. They are more relationship-oriented than task-oriented. The Cautious Styles are logical, tenacious, methodical individuals who appreciate problem solving. The sub-styles are an enthusiast, adventurer, producer, pioneer, and the mastermind. The enthusiast is less open and more direct. This particular individual is driven by swaying people. They enjoy symbols of authority and prestige. The adventurer is less guarded and more direct. The individual is driven by the dominance and independence. They have a result-oriented nature. The producer is less guarded and less direct. They’re primarily driven by personal goals set to an internal timetable that requires they accomplish bigger and better goals. The pioneer is more guarded and less direct. This person is driven by being in a position to direct and redirect task accomplishments. They often pursue unique


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