HSA 520 week 3 dq 1&2



“Enterprise Software Systems”  Please respond to the following:

  • Analyze the use of an Enterprise Software Systems (ESS) in a health care organization with regard to its effects on operational outcomes. Select one of the following applications, and recommend three specific ways that the application you selected can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a health care organization: supply chain management, customer relations management, and enterprise resource planning. Note:Make sure your suggestion is NOT covered in the textbook.
  • Based on the recommendations that you made in the Part I of this discussion, determine a significant drawback of using the software application in question. Justify your response with one example.


“Integrated Delivery Systems”  Please respond to the following:

  • Determine a key aspect of a health care facility’s culture that is necessary to support the implementation of an integrated delivery system. Support your response.
  • Make a recommendation for how the use of an integrated delivery system can improve patient services along with each of the four steps of the service model.


HSA 520 week 3 dq 1&2,


The use of an Enterprise Software Systems in a health care organization enables great potential for a significant improvement in operational outcomes.  Supply chain management, in particular, can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a health care organization in numerous ways.  Tan explains that, the goal of supply chain management is to, improve quality of the information flow within an organization while simultaneously reducing cost and delivery time, and to gain efficiency and effectiveness in information flow with people outside of the health care organization, such as vendors.




When I was reading about supply chain management, I kept thinking about the national assisted living company that I work for, and how much the company could benefit from the implementation of supply chain management software.  Instead of care aides having to call in prescription refills for our residents to our corporate pharmacy


Researching health information on the internet is increasingly becoming an effective strategy for acquiring diagnostic information (Information Resources Management Association, 2011). This information collection method has profound influence on health care for both the providers and patients. Whereas the providers get an opportunity to access diagnostic information on the internet, patients are increasingly becoming involved in their personal health by getting information from the internet. Among all the advantages of getting health information from the internet its advantage in preventing long hospital queues for minor issues is the most significant advantage. Internet medical information offer patients suffering from trivial illnesses an opportunity to acquire the information they require without visiting a doctor. This increases efficiency in hospitals and saves money for the patients since internet medical information is offered at no costs (Information Resources Management Association, 2011). ………………………….



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