ECE 430 Week 1 DQ 1&2


ECE 430 Week 1 DQ 1&2

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ECE 430 Week 1 DQ 1&2,



Chapter 1 of our textbook, A bridge to the classroom and early care: ECE capstone, discusses seven developmentally appropriate practice topics.  For this discussion, you will be focusing on one of these topics based on the group to which you are assigned below. For the topic you are assigned, write a position statement that reflects your current thinking on this topic.  Make sure to include the connection between this developmentally appropriate practice and NAEYC’s Standards for Early Childhood Professional Preparation.  For example, if you are assigned to the environment you might explain a bit about how the room is set up and why materials are presented as they are. This would include explanations of the developmental appropriateness of the environmental decisions you have made. You might even be able to find inspiration from Mrs. Ashland.

Last Name Developmentally Appropriate Practice
Last Name A-C Curriculum Choices
Last Name D-F Delivery of Curriculum
Last Name G-I Assessment of Teaching and Learning
Last Name J-K Many Kinds of Diversity
Last Name L-O Behavior Guidance
Last Name P-S Physical, Social, and Emotional Environment
Last Name T-Z Interactions with Family and Community

Guided Response: Review your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two classmates who wrote about a different Developmentally Appropriate Practice than you.  Analyze and share at least two positive implications of having a solid foundation in the Developmentally Appropriate Practice your classmates discussed.  In addition evaluate what the consequences might be for children who are in a classroom that does not utilize this developmentally appropriate practice.



Throughout this course you will have the opportunity to read a Case Study about Mrs. Ashland, her students, and Park Lane Early Childhood Center. This week you will be introduced to Mrs. Ashland and her classroom at Park Lane Early Childhood Center.  You will need to read Week 1, Case Study: Classroom Environment before beginning this discussion.

Think about the model of teaching that you would like to implement in your classroom.  Analyze Mrs. Ashland’s classroom through the lens of the model of teaching that you plan on implementing.  Make sure to include the following points in your analysis:

  1. Your chosen model of teaching
  2. How your chosen model of teaching aligns with Mrs. Ashland’s classroom
  3. How your chosen model of teaching and Mrs. Ashland’s classroom might not align
  4. What modifications you would need to make to Mrs. Ashland’s classroom in order to ensure that your chosen model of teaching could be successfully implemented
  5. How the textbook supports your analysis

Guided Response:  Read your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two of them. When responding to your classmates, evaluate whether or not you believe they would be able to successfully implement their model of teaching in Mrs. Ashland’s classroom based on the modifications they suggested.  Justify your thoughts with at least two scholarly resources.  Please remember to be respectful.


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