ECE 313 Week 4 Assignment Childrens Story


Children’s Story. Knowing how to address a variety of situations in the early childhood setting and effectively partnering with parents to do so are important skills for all teachers and caregivers. For this assignment, you will choose one of the following scenarios:

  1. Shane has a difficult time separating from his mother each morning. At drop off, he clings to her and screams uncontrollably. After she leaves, Shane continues to scream and cry until you are able to soothe him.
  2. Lisa often gets frustrated when trying to play with other children. She takes toys from their hands and even hits children with the toys.

Next, address each of the following points according to the teaching approach/setting that best reflects your style in your desired classroom setting (e.g. Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, traditional preschool, etc.):

  1. Outline a specific plan for addressing the discipline or guidance scenario.
  2. Explain how your plan would support the teaching approach/setting.
  3. Describe how you will create an effective partnership with parents to address the discipline or guidancescenario.
  4. Describe one or two possible obstacles you might encounter when implementing your plan.
  5. Discuss how you will address these obstacles.

The paper should be three to four pages in addition to the title page and the reference page. Use at least two scholarly sources in addition to your text. Your paper should also be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center


ECE 313 Week 4 Assignment Childrens Story,

The development of a child is most important issue. The purpose is to build a society that does not have prison systems expanding.  This is only possible when the child is given the attention the child needs in the formative years, from birth till the age of 18.

The Waldorf style of preschool education is appropriate in these modern times but with the discipline of the traditional preschool style. I have been educated in the traditional preschool system and did not come out any worse for it.

The case study that I would select is Lisa getting frustrated while trying to play with other children and even hitting out at them with toys. This is a more serious behavior pattern than Shaun clinging to his mother. Most children at that age cling to their parent but outgrow it over a period of time.

Children must be left by parents at the main gate of the school and the children must be encouraged to walk the rest on their own and line up outside the school premise or in an assembly hall for morning prayers and a song perhaps before starting the day in preschool. The children must walk in silence to their class rooms and sit where they are allotted. The seat should be a regular seat for them every day. There should be a bell ringing system where a child will get turns to ring the bell at the end of each class type. The must be encouraged to understand that discipline helps them to do things in a better way. Parents should be involved so that the what is done in preschool is not undone at home by the family. This is a common occurrence. When it is time to leave they will file out in the same way that they filed in taking responsibility of their belongings. The children unless sick, will need to walk to the main gate on their own in silence and after the parents have shown an identification for the child the child will be released to the guardian by the security personnel not otherwise. (AWSNA, 2014)

The Waldorf Approach makes education and learning interesting for the child and treats the child as a legal entity who has the ability to make a difference to the environment. It makes learning a fun loving experience which keeps children in school till High School Graduation and reduces the number of drop outs. The one aspect that has not been discus


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