ECE 313 Week 1 Assignment Family Partnerships


Family Partnerships. Chapter 1 focuses on the family-centered approach to early childhood education, highlighting the importance of the partnership between the family, the early childhood program, and the community to maximize a child’s development and learning. For this assignment, you will create a one- to two-page fact sheet (not including title and reference pages) you can provide to the families in your program that explains the values and challenges of a family-centered approach. The content on your fact sheet should:

  1. Summarize the components of a family-centered approach.
  2. Describe five benefits of a family-centered approach.
  3. Describe two potential obstacles to overcome in a family-centered approach.
  4. Recommend two strategies to overcome obstacles and enlist the support of parents.

In addition to the required content, please be creative with your fact sheet. Keep in mind that this is a resource to be used in the classroom, so make it parent friendly and engaging. You may wish to add visuals and pictures. Be sure to also use at least one scholarly source in addition to the text to support the ideas, and cite all references in APA format as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.


ECE 313 Week 1 Assignment Family Partnerships,

It is an accepted fact that the family is the one source of permanent strength for children. The strength of the family is what helps a child at an early, impressionable age to develop into a secure and stable child. It is the absence of a family atmosphere that makes a child a delinquent and a school dropout. For all support systems that are designed for children the family partnership is always at the focus of the program. The purpose of these programs is to educate parents about the need of their support in child development, have meetings with parents and stress on the importance of the family structure in the life of a child, assist in developing the strengths of the family and also help in bringing about a natural closeness between children and the parents so that the child development environment within the family is conducive.

The components of the family centered approach are simple and well defined. It does not need to be taught as it is not complicated in any way.

A family wellness model is developed that focuses on the happiness of the family in general.

There is a process of gathering information about the families in a community to be able to best prepare a case by case approach as no two families are similar.

Meetings and consultations take place with the families for extended periods to gain a better understanding of the families’ outlooks.

The inequalities within families are dealt with as this is a major area that diverts a child’s development in most cases.

Assistance is provided to the families to help them to build a better strengthening capacity within the family which is essential for the child’s emotional security and sense of belonging.

In a family centered approach the collaboration from the various sectors in the community are initiated so that with every child that develops well it builds a stronger community in the future.


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