ECE 312 Week 4 Leadership and Management


The program effectively implements policies, procedures, and systems that support stable staff and strong personnel, fiscal, and program management so all children, families, and staff have high quality experiences.


Excellent programming requires effective governance structures, competent and knowledgeable leadership, as well as comprehensive and well-functioning administrative policies, procedures, and systems. Effective leadership and management create the environment for high-quality care and education by:

  1. ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and guidelines;
  2. promoting fiscal soundness, program accountability, effective communication, helpful consultativeservices, positive community relations, and comfortable and supportive workplaces;
  3. maintaining stable staff; and
  4. instituting ongoing program planning and career development opportunities for staff as well as continuousprogram improvement.


You are the director of your own center. Using Standard #10 in “Overview of the NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standards” and Chapter 7 as a guide, create an eight- to ten-slide PowerPoint presentation to share with your staff, demonstrating one of the following NAEYC points:

  1. Program accountability
     How will you demonstrate this to families and to the community?
  2. Effective communication
     How do you communicate with your staff, families, and community?
  3. Positive community relations
     How will you promote this as a center? What role does your staff play?
  4. Comfortable and supportive workplaces
     How will you ensure that you will create this for your staff?
  5. Career development opportunities for staff
     Create a professional development seminar for your staff.

Your eight- to ten-slide PowerPoint presentation (in addition to your title and reference slides) should:
 creatively address the material including graphics, visuals, charts, graphs, and/or sound;

  •   be designed to clearly and concisely address the material;
  •   be formatted according to APA style, including the title slide, reference slide, and in-textcitations;
  •   utilize the notes section of the PowerPoint to expand on the presented points (these notes wouldbe your talking points when presenting this to your staff); and
  •   use at least one professional resource in addition to the course text.Submit your assignment as an attachment in the Week Four Assignment section. In addition, look ahead to Week Five Discussion 1, “Presentation Evaluations.” By Day 1 of Week Five, you will need to post your PowerPoint presentation as an attachment to your initial discussion post.


ECE 312 Week 4 Leadership and Management,

This presentation aims at enlightening the staff on their needs and requirements in the childcare. We will develop more as time goes by and as need arises.

Introductory chart to show the importance of effective leadership management

*Effective and efficient early childhood management starts with the management and the administrator. For it to be so, various steps have to be taken into consideration to achieve this. They include ; Effective communication, comfortable and supportive workplaces, career development for staff and finally hiring and retention of staff(Clark & Murray, 2012).


Effective child leadership management is very important. This can be clearly shown in the slide and in real life experiences like we have witnessed in life. It is important that we adopt it in the child care.


*As asserted by (Sullivan,  2009), in the childcare and every other thing going on should be effectively communicated to the members of staff and everyone.  Everyone should know what is expected of them and not basing on assumption.

* Internal memos, emailing and phone calls when necessary will serve as the best tool to address them directly and efficiently.

Effective communication is the key to everything in any institution that wishes to achieve what their goal. It is important that it is effective in this childhood care center.

*Everyone should work in an environment they are     comfortable with as long as it meets the NAEYC requirement                 (Jones & Pound 2008). This will make someone work well and effectively.


Confortable work place for the staff also play a very important and crucial role. Having it in the childcare is very crucial.

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