ECE 312 Week 2 Program and Curriculum Planning


Program and Curriculum Planning. The word program in early childhood education refers to “the planning of the curriculum, which also includes the instructional practices, the daily schedule, the routines for caring for children, and the recreational activities, such as outdoor play” (Gadikowski, 2013, section 4.1). Educational administrators are the instructional leaders of their schools and centers primarily in the planning of curriculum. For this assignment, you will choose a particular age group (infants, toddlers, or preschoolers) and design (outline) a program that is developmentally appropriate.

Please review the following website for an example: Primrose School at East Lake

In your paper:

  1. Explain how the role of the administrator in program and curriculum planning is different from that of theteacher.
  2. Briefly describe the learning and developmental needs of your chosen age group.
  3. Analyze how your program will address the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development ofchildren in this age group (give specific curricular ideas for each area of development) as well as

    classroom management and the daily schedule.

  4. Explain how your program aligns with the philosophy, vision, and mission statements you created inWeek One.
  5. Discuss how your program aligns with NAEYC’s indicators of effective curriculum, as outlined inChapter 4 and found in the article, “Where We Stand on Curriculum, Assessment, and Program Evaluation.”

Thepapershouldbefivetosixpagesinlength,inadditiontothetitlepageandthereferencepage. Useatleast one scholarly source in addition to your text and the NAEYC article. Your paper should also be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.


ECE 312 Week 2 Program and Curriculum Planning,

Program and Curriculum Planning

As it can be noted in all institutions offering early childhood care and also according to (Anning, 1997), it is very crucial to keep all the necessary prerequisites that are necessary for child’s growth and development. Children grow and develop in accordance to how they were taught when they were young. It is thus very important to keep watch and keen to all they do and require. Developing a good program and curriculum for them to always follow and adhere to is very important. A program and a curriculum that puts everything into account is the best one that can be adopted by carefully understanding the needs and the requirements of all institutions and levels of learning a development. I will prefer to go for one that will always be able to provide with the children with the best.This is one taking into account the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of children. For this case, i have chosen the preschoolers to carefully and examine their Program and Curriculum Planning.

At the preschool, the role of teachers and administrators are distinguished. This is mainly because the child is being prepared to join school. The first major difference of the two is that the early childhood administrator prepares the kid for the classroom and the school life while the teacher teaches the student the actual thing based on the set curriculum and rules stipulated. Theirs is a preparatory role while the other is the actual course. The administrator at this age adopts some kind of analogous role of a teacher by trying to define the desired role. The teacher on the other hand introduces themselves to the child’s academic life.  The child’s administrators and the curriculum planner initiate a dynamic approach to curriculum planning. The teacher initiates the implementation and preparation for the child’s future academic endeavors.  As for the administrators, they do more of the parenting work while the teacher does more of imparting the skills to the child subject wise. The administrator picks up the role of the parent and guides the child as they grow to being and reaching the school going age all these are as asserted by (Ruopp, 1973).

Different age group normally has different needs with regards to their stages and needs. Correctly identifying them and knowing what each age group needs will lead to them finally achieving their goal and growing up to be the desired people. At this age, their learning needs should involve all aspects; physically, mentally, and psychologically. The first and most basic need of these children is to be introduced to the learning environment. The main role of a preschool is to introduce children to a school. Making them aware of what


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