ECE 312 Week 1 Journal


ECE 312 Week 1 Journal!!!


ECE 312 Week 1 Journal,

ECE 312 Week 1 Journal

Administration of Early childhood development journal

As it can be noted from life’s experience and learning, people at their younger age tend to learn and emulate a lot from older people. It is thus necessary to have someone who is well knowledgeable to lead them. Children should have this person to follow and emulate as an example to them. Guiding them in various aspects of learning is also important. Having someone who has a good knowledge of the children is very important when it comes to guiding them.

As a leader, from the school I earlier taught, there are several qualities that they should hold or be associated with. Such a leader should always be dedicated. As someone leading a child, they should always be apt and have full dedication to leading the child. This is because children tend to demand a lot of time and attention. Such a leader should cultivate the required qualities.



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