ECE 311 Week 3


Mandated Curriculum vs. Developmentally Appropriate Practices. You are a parent who is concerned about the new state-mandated, textbook-based curriculum for kindergarten, and you are writing a letter to the school board in protest of this new policy. In your letter, define DAP, describe the benefits of DAP, and explain why you feel the use of a textbook-based curriculum may be inappropriate. Describe potential negative effects of this curriculum and how it is developmentally inappropriate to literacy development. Recommend an alternative approach to developing literacy skills. In your letter, use the kindergarten standards from your state and the guidelines for DAP described in the course text as well as in NAEYC resources.

The paper should be two to three pages in addition to the title page and the reference page. Use at least one scholarly reference in addition to your text. Your paper should also be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center

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ECE 311 Week 3,

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to express my concern in this letter as a parent of one of the children in the Kindergarten class at your school. I am disturbed about the use of mandated textbook curriculum you for the Kindergarten students in the development of their literacy skills. I have a strong disagreement and feel that this text-book curriculum is not developmentally appropriate for the children in Kindergarten.

In my opinion, Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) is more suitable since it involves doing things in much better way. The age of the children ask that they have classes that will promote and support the development of wide range of abilities and interests of children through the conduct of relevant activities that optimized fun in learning. In support to the increasing quantity of human brain development, early childhood professionals should adapt innovative and appropriate means to address children’s learning and assist them in the best possible ways to become successful in cognitive, social, physical and emotional aspects.

Jaruszewicz (2012) reported that various instructional materials and strategies are encourage in using DAP. Children have the chance to be creative and free to move aroundto to move around the classroom as much as they want. They are also free to write in their books rather than in already drawn books. Aside from that, children are able to learn through experience and understand themselves. These experiences include: writing, skill instruction, guided reading, modeled writing, cooperative learning, independent learning activities, peer coaching and tutoring, teacher-led instruction, thematic instruction, projects, learning centers, problem-based learning, and literature-based instruction.  The wide array of teaching strategy allows great learning. The children could develop their respective capabilities through the various learning styles. Teaching in this manner also helps provide for multiple intelligences and enables children to view learning in new ways.


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