ECE 214 Week 3 Assignment Health and Wellness Story


We have explored many areas of health and wellness this week. Based on the information presented in Chapters 5 and 6 of your text, choose one theme that you would like to explore further.  Develop this theme into an engaging story that can be shared with children and families.

Choose one of the following themes for your storybook:

    1. Engaging in Physical Activity
    2. Nutritious Eating
    3. Illness/Infection Prevention
    4. Staying Healthy in School
    5. Staying Healthy at Home


Once you have selected your theme, you will use either Storybird or PowerPoint to design and share your story. The story/presentation will discuss the chosen theme by presenting at least five teaching points to children in a developmentally appropriate, creative, and engaging way. These could be facts from the textbook, ideas, strategies, or information that are important to understand. For example, you may wish to include a page on how to wash hands. Washing hands would be a teaching point that you want them to understand. This may include the recommended steps to proper hand washing, and may also include pictures, sounds, or audio to help engage children. Be as creative as you’d like, but be sure to include at least five teaching points related to your theme.

The storybook or PowerPoint should be 10 to 15 pages/slides in length (not including the title and reference pages/slides). You will include two to three scholarly sources to support your theme. Be sure to cite these in APA format on the reference page.

Paste the link to your Storybird onto a Word document for submission or upload your PowerPoint in the assignment dropbox. You will also share the link to your Storybird or upload your PowerPoint within the Doc Sharing tab of the course. (Please see the Course Materials section of the classroom, under the Course Home tab in the left navigation, for a brief Doc Sharing video tutorial.)

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.


ECE 214 Week 3 Assignment Health and Wellness Story,

  1. Nutritious Eating


A nutrient is any component of food that our bodies require for biological functions, metabolism, growth, or maintenance. We need six major nutrients, which can be organized into three categories. The first category, macronutrients, includes those three that we need in large supply (grams daily). The micronutrients are needed in smaller amounts (micrograms to milligrams). Finally, there is water, which does much more than keep us hydrated.,

Child Development.

Child development is the continuous process of growth of a child from birth until adulthood. The positive experiences children have in their early years are critical for progress in all domains of development, including cognition, emotion, language, motor skills, and social abilities. A child’s development can be measured by observing when the child reaches milestones in each of these areas. For instance, in the motor skills area, a young child often begins to walk at approximately 12–14 months, but it is not unusual for a child to begin as early as 9 months or as late as 18 months.

Intellectual Development

0-2 years of age Children at this age learn by exploring with their hands and mouth. They bang, throw, drop, shake, and put items in their mouths.

 Physical Development

3-5 years of age children are Hopping, climbing, swinging, and doing somersaults begin at this stage. By age 5, many kids can stand on one foot for at least 10 seconds.

Young teens ages 10-14 are going through such dramatic changes, it’s normal for them to swing from being happy to being sad or from feeling smart to feeling dumb. They may worry about personal traits that are vital to them, but hardly noticeable to others. With a growing ability to see the consequences of different actions, tweens and young teens are increasingly considering who they are and who they may become.

Intellectual Development

Physical Development

Social Development

Emotional Development

Spiritual Development

With charts All included in Assignment



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