ECE 203 Week 2 Developmentally Appropriate Practice


Developmentally Appropriate Practice. In two to three pages, discuss the factors to be considered when striving to design developmentally appropriate activities for young children. Your paper must include:

  1. A detailed description of developmentally appropriate practice
  2. An analysis of characteristics of young learners
  3. An analysis of teaching approaches in a developmentally appropriate program
  4. A discussion the importance of play and socialization in a child’s learning, growth and development

Refer to Got Standards? Don’t Give Up on Engaged Learning!, the Appendix of the course text and at least one other scholarly resource.


ECE 203 Week 2 Developmentally Appropriate Practice,


 In this the developmentally appropriate practice considered is the form of accepting both children where they need to be and also by knowing the way to guide them with a new skill sets in an effective manner. Thus a teacher or the caregiver need to know more and must have the belief that each and every child needs to develop and grows at various rates as one of the three year old child can only write some of the letters from their name which does not explains that all the three children’s of the year olds can do it effectively.

Thus this developmentally appropriate practice is clearly explained by means of the NAEYC to include various key points and is given as create an form of the caring community teaching the children to improve the development and learning style planning the curriculum in order to achieve goals. Assessing the children’s development with the learning effectively Establishing any form of the reciprocal relationships with the families.

Therefore the teachers along with the caregivers will create a form of the caring community by means of the physical environment with their method to choose the room on the basis of the requirements of the children.

The children and teacher/caregiver are partners in the room working together. The most significant elements to me have to boast their ability to offer child-centered, child-engaging experiences relevant to which the learner is as a whole, coupled with clear objectives. Personally, it seems that the most important elements in a developmentally appropriate literacy program are relevance and significance. For kids, fun is always relevant and significant. If it was developmentally appropriate for kindergarten students to learn algebra


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