ECE 203 Week 1 Ongoing Assessment in Developing Meaningful Curriculum


Ongoing Assessment in Developing Meaningful Curriculum. In two to three pages, discuss the role of assessment in curriculum planning. Your paper must include the following;

  1. What are the objectives of assessment?
  2. What value does assessment brings to the curriculum planning process?
  3. How can the knowledge gained through assessment be applied while planning activities for an individual

    child and the collective group?

  4. Which assessments are best used in an early childhood education setting?

Please include your own insights and reflections on the above questions as you complete this paper on the role of assessment in the development of a meaningful curriculum for young children. Additionally, refer to Chapters 1- 3 of your text, the article Beyond Outcomes: How Ongoing Assessment Supports Children’s Learning and Leads to Meaningful Curriculum, and one website


ECE 203 Week 1 Ongoing Assessment in Developing Meaningful Curriculum,

Basically, the objectives of an assessment are Gathering data about children to make judgments about their learning and development is a central part of the teacher’s role. Teachers must make daily decisions about children that should be based on accurate and appropriate information. Portfolios, work samples, and teacher observation across time can provide the tools necessary to identify individual strengths and weaknesses. Assessment is defined as “a systematic procedure for obtaining information for observation, interviews, portfolios, projects, tests, and other sources that can be used to make judgments about characteristics of children or programs. These mental and written observation, audio and video tapes, and work samples are organized in a systematic way so that each child has a folder, notebook, or portfolio of documentation that represents what she/he is learning and how she/he is growing in their skills and knowledge.   (

Information collected should be placed in an assessment portfolio. A portfolio is a record of the teacher’s observations and comments as well as a wide selection of the representative work that has been selected by the child and teacher together and should be shared with the present each child should have an assessment portfolio. The portfolio should include, but not be limited to documentation, evaluation and use of information to help teachers and the parents make better decisions in the education of their child and the students. Furthermore, objectives of assessment with children in an Early Childhood Education program are that they guide the student to develop cognitive, language, social/emotional, and physical skills. Cognitive development consists of the “children’s thinking skills, including the development of logical and symbolic thinking, problem-solving skills, and approaches to learning.” (Gronlund and Engel 2001) and        The language development involves the “children’s ability to communicate through words, both spoken and written, including listening and speaking, reading and writing skills. The social/emotional development centers on the “children’s feelings about themselves, the development of responsibility, and their ability to relate positively to others, finally, physical development consists of the “children’s gross and fine motor skills.


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