ECE 201 Week 4 Positive Reinforcement Case Study


Positive Reinforcement Case Study. After reviewing the case study labeled “Level B Case 1” and the STAR sheets in Encouraging Appropriate Behavior, write a one- to two-page summary in which you:

  1. Discuss one strategy that would best address Doug’s goals.
  2. Justify your strategy selection and the benefits of positive reinforcement.
  3. Describe how you would implement this strategy, including any possible limitations.

Your paper must be one to two pages in length (double-spaced, notincluding title and reference pages) and utilize APA formatting. It must cite at least two scholarly resources (including the course text). Citations must be properly formatted in APA style.


ECE 201 Week 4 Positive Reinforcement Case Study,

I think the best strategy to address Doug’s goals is choice making is a strategy that enable a student to select from a number of options it can prevent problems or it can increase specific behaviors. This would be the best because a student’s choice always affects his or her work and the way he may feel about himself Doug must stay focused and choose to do the work when told to so he can complete what need to be done for him to move to the next level. He must take his time but also get the work done in a timely matter he’s only with that teacher for 8 hours and calm down when he is doing his assignments them he can focuses. Include choices that are also conducive to the teaching style and classroom environment. Don’t include options you can’t live with or that will disrupt learning in the classroom. Begin a consistent choice-making program in one or two academic areas, then extend to other areas.  I would Select an academic area or task that is likely to have the biggest effect on the Doug success.

Some choice is better than no choice. Positive behavior can be increased by giving students a choice, even if the options aren’t preferred (Dunlap et al., 1994). Avoid negotiations. Students may pressure teachers to add options on the spot. Consider the suggested options for future choice-making situations.  Be consistent and honor the choices. If you do not follow through, this strategy will become ineffective over time.

Cosden, M., Gannon, C., & Haring, T. G. (1995). Teacher-control versus student-control over choice   With some children, positive reinforcement seems to have exactly the wrong effect. At the first kind word, they throw books on the floor or kick the nearest person……………………………………………..



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