ECE 201 Week 3 Functional Behavioral Assessment Short Paper


ECE 201 Week 3 Functional Behavioral Assessment Short Paper!!!

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ECE 201 Week 3 Functional Behavioral Assessment Short Paper,

In my paper I will be talking about how teachers collect data ,I will analyze the importance of collecting and reviewing data before implementing specific intervention to address challenging behavior, I will discuss three common behavior a teacher my see in young children and the target for modification.

A Functional Behavioral Assessment is basely a tool to help the Educators understand why children do what they do. The notion is that all behavior serves a purpose: It fulfills some need. It allows us as educators to determine why students are doing what they are doing. Then we can give them the student what they need and come up with more socially acceptable way to have his/hers needs met that will work for that student and my fit with what they need, environment and culture of the class.

Using functional behavioral assessment the teacher, caregiver can determine the functions of a student inappropriate behavior so that more teachers, caregiver can create more effective intervention plan to stop it. A behavior is observable and measurable and serves one or multiple functions. You can quickly and systematically determine the functions of behavior by looking at what happens before and after it. A change in student behavior is more likely to occur if we meet the student’s needs (the function of the behavior). So once you know the primary function of the behavior, you plan how to meet the need in an appropriate way. Students will work to get their needs met.

Either teacher have to deal with these needs preventively for up to a few minutes, or they may spend hours a day dealing with the student using inappropriate behavior to get the need met, which takes much more time. If you have a student who has been engaging in a lot of disruptive behavior, it is important to have some baseline of the student’s level of disruption. How many incidents occur each day? Record a quantifiable number. Then, once you put the plan into place,



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