BUS 497 Week 4 Promotion and Integrated Marketing Communication


BUS 497 Week 4 Promotion and Integrated Marketing Communication!

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BUS 497 Week 4 Promotion and Integrated Marketing Communication,

BUS 497 Week 4 Promotion and Integrated Marketing Communication

Promotion is a term used commonly in marketing and is one of the market mix features or elements. Marketing mix has four p’s that is price, promotion, product and place. Promotion is defined as raising customer awareness of a company’s product or brand, creating brand loyalty and generating sales. Promotion may also be found in the requirement of five promotional plan or promotional mix . These elements include personal selling, sales promotion, publicity direct marketing, and advertising. The objectives of the promotion include Building Awareness. This means that new companies and new products are frequently unknown to a market that means original promotional efforts have to be concentrated on determining an identity. In this position the marketer has to concentrate promotion to: inform the market who really they are and what they must offer and effectively reach customers (Caywood, 2013).

Secondly, is to create Interest. This is moving a potential customer from awareness of a commodity to making a buy and can present a major challenge. From the point of view of business and consumer buying behaviour, customers have to first identify they have a need sooner than they actively begin to consider a buy. The focus on making messages which convince customers that a certain need exists has been the seal of marketing for a long duration with promotional pleads aimed at essential human characteristics such as sex, emotions, humours and fears. Thirdly is to Provide Information.  Some promotion is planned to help customers in the search stage of the buying process. In some cases, for example when a commodity is so novel, it creates a new kind of product and which has few challengers, the information is simply expected to justify what the commodity is and may not state any competitors. In other states, where the commodity competes in the current market, informational promotion can be used to assist with a commodity positioning strategy. Marketers can use promotional means, which include direct contrast with competitor’s commodity, in an attempt to get customers to psychologically distinguish the marketer’s commodity from those of challengers (Shimp, 2010).

A strategy is a long-term plan that is used to achieve certain objectives. A marketing strategy is thus a marketing plan invented to achieve marketing objectives. For instant, marketing objective can relate to turning out to be the market leader by satisfying customers. The strategic plan thus is the comprehensive planning consisting marketing research, and then building up a marketing mix to satisfy customers. A successful service or product means nothing except the benefit of such a product or a service can be communicated plainly to the target customers or market (Shimp & Andrews, 2013).

An organisation’s promotional mix strategy may consist of: advertising that is any non personal paid kind of communication by the use of any form of mass media for example radio, television among others. It is used to encourage, manipulate or persuade an audience (readers or listeners; viewers, sometimes a specific group) to take or to continue taking some action. Most frequently, the desired outcome is to make consumer behaviour with high opinion to a commercial offering, although ideological advertising political and is also common. Personal selling is another category of promotion strategy method where by salesperson develops good relationships with a customer that brings up in both parties obtaining value. Many businesses are able to employ personal selling in maximising effect as they have the enough time to create relationships with their potential customers and find a thorough understanding of their needs. Internet marketing is another way of promotion. This is selling and promoting your products or services online using a range of kinds of online marketing techniques for example banner advertisements, social media or videos (Caywood, 2013).

Integrated market communication is a straight forward concept that ensures that all kinds of messages and communications are well linked up. Although Integrated Marketing


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