BA 340 WEEK 4 Assignment Costs


BA 340 WEEK 4 Assignment Costs
BA 340 WEEK 4 Assignment Costs
BA 340 WEEK 4 Assignment Costs


BA 340 WEEK 4 Assignment Costs,

BA 340-WEEK 4 Assignment Costs are a consideration of every organization and in economically difficult times many managers may want to cut the “training budget” to save costs.

I’m sure that you’ve heard that training is always the first to go in tough times. But is that really the smartest business strategy to employ–or during economically difficult times should the “training budget be increased?

Write a 1500 word paper taking one side of this issue.


Training should be cut in tough times
Training should be increased during tough times

Please include a title sheet and 2-3 references. Only one reference may come from the internet (not Wikipedia). The other references should be located in the Grantham University online library. Only the body of the paper will count toward the word requirement. Please write in 3rd person. See rubric below.

W4 Midterm

What are the five traditional career stages? Which of the five traditional career stages is probably least relevant to HRM? Defend your position.
How can a socialization process benefit an organization and the employee?
Describe the role HRM plays in orientation.
Contrast the external and internal dimensions of a career. Which do you believe is more relevant in determining an employee’s work behavior?
What kinds of signals can warn a manager that employee training may be necessary? Costs


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