BA 260 WEEK 2 Business Crimes


BA 260 WEEK 2 Business Crimes

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BA 260 WEEK 2 Business Crimes,

In the article it states that Mr. Hall was going to plead guilty to money laundering and mail fraud. The definition of mail fraud in summary is illegal use of mails and in this case I’m pretty sure there was documentation mailed from one party to another. I assume that the construction company received correspondence via the mail that may have included contracts or work plans that the two parties had agreed upon. Now, while the construction company may have been doing their business honestly, they probably had no idea of the fraud that they were engaging in. The documentation that was probably created by Mr. Hall was a cleverly devise scheme that was put into action in order to defraud the state and the bank out of money that was to be used for the building of the beef plant in Yalobusha County, MS. Also, since this fraud involves a financial institution, I’m also seeing a possible case for wire fraud. I believe that at some point, Mr. Hall and the bank may have communicated via telephone and/or email in regards to the money that was promised to him for the loan. In this event, he received the money most likely as a electronic deposit or EFT.


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